Coming Soon – Jenn Alexander

TheSongOfTheSea_v2The GCLS Writing Academy is excited to note that author Jenn Alexander will be joining us next week for our latest author spotlight! 

Jenn’s new release, The Song of the Sea, available here, is already garnering rave reviews.

The Song Of The Sea tackles grief head-on, giving us an intimate portrait of a mother’s love for her child, and all of her hopes and dreams that will never be fulfilled.  Embracing life while keeping the memory of our loss close to our hearts is the only way through, and I cried repeatedly at Lisa’s breakthroughs. There were no platitudes, no easy answers. Grief is awful but survivable, and Lisa and Rachel are great role models for the process.” —SUSAN X MEAGHER, author of The Keeper’s Daughter

Check us out next week to learn more about Jenn and her fantastic story.



The GCLS Writing Academy is a yearlong intensive program for new or relatively new writers who have written at least part of a novel. In this course, students will learn the critical components of quality writing. The Writing Academy goes beyond craft of writing and takes students through all aspects of writing and publishing a novel.

Over the course of the year, students attend weekly classes covering craft of writing, revision, the publication process, and how to handle mentor feedback.

Classes take place online on Saturdays at noon ET. It is highly recommended you attend each live class, as the interaction with other students and the professor feedback is an important part of this program.

The program concludes with a one-on-one mentoring experience with some of the most established and awarded authors in lesbian fiction.

The Writing Academy provides an environment that supports the development of a community of learners through regular online interactions, shared assignments, and teamwork. The program is comprised of 12 students and 3 full time faculty plus honorary guest instructors.






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