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Jody and Ferb, the furry-face love bug

As the Golden Crown Literary Society wraps up its annual conference, the Writing Academy is gearing up for a new school year!

We have an exciting roster of author spotlights this season, as well.



La Vie En BleuNext week, we’re excited to feature author Jody Klaire. Jody was a student of the academy and excelled so much she was invited to be, at various times, a guest speaker, an instructor, and a mentor. We are so grateful that Jody continues to share her knowledge with the Writing Academy and we’re excited to see what she has in store for us next week as we ply her with questions on how to be as successful and awesome as she is!






The GCLS Writing Academy is a yearlong intensive program for new or relatively new writers who have written at least part of a novel. In this course, students will learn the critical components of quality writing. The Writing Academy goes beyond craft of writing and takes students through all aspects of writing and publishing a novel.



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