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Introducing: Inkslinger, a New Way to Write Your Novel

Maybe you’re a seasoned writer struggling to get that idea down. Maybe you’re just getting around to penning that first book. Either way, Inkslinger‘s got you covered.

Written by award-winning romance author, CEO of Inkstacks, and GCLS WA alumnus, Kimberly Cooper Griffin, Inkslinger – 99-day Guided Writing Experience guides you through the first three phases of the writing process.

Through its innovative approach, Inkslinger will help remove the obstacles that prevent you from making the transition from idea to written story.

Published by Night River Press, and edited by Marlo Garnsworthy, Inkslinger is available now.

Image depicts award-winning romance author Kimberly Cooper Griffin. She is wearing glasses and smiling.
Kimberly Cooper Griffin

Kimberly Cooper Griffin is a software engineer by day and a romance novelist by night. Born in San Diego, California, Kimberly joined the Air Force, traveled the world, and eventually settled down in Denver, Colorado, where she lives with her wife, the youngest of her three daughters, and a menagerie of dogs and cats.

When Kimberly isn’t working or writing, she enjoys a variety of interests, but at the core of it all she has an insatiable desire to connect with people and experience life to its fullest. Every moment is collected and archived into memory, a candidate for being woven into the fabric of the tales she tells. Her novels explore the complexities of building relationships and finding balance when life has a tendency of getting in the way.



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