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Alumnus News: Lori G. Matthews Announces Release of Debut Book

Join the Writing Academy blog in congratulating student Lori G. Matthews on the release of her debut book, #Cassinova!

Released by Bella Books, #Cassinova is available now.

Samantha Cassidy, award-winning actress, up-and-coming Hollywood “It Girl”, is missing three things in her life: an Oscar, a special someone to share her life with, and a baby goat in pajamas.

Alex Novato married her college sweetheart, but tragedy struck and the love of her life was ripped from her arms. Now she refuses to open her heart again, choosing casual sex over deeper commitments, until a not-so-chance meeting with her favorite Hollywood starlet turns her world upside down.

Will Alex give love another try? Will Sam find the courage to follow her heart, Hollywood be damned? Will anyone get a baby goat in pajamas?

#CassiNova is a sweet, funny, fun romp through the Hollywood Hills.

If you’re interested in learning more about Matthews’ writing process, and how she brought this sweet story to life, check out her blog post “Pantsers Anonymous: writing my lesfic novel #CassiNova

Lori G. Matthews lives outside of Philadelphia with her wife and two cats. Her first brush with literary fame came at the age of thirteen when her composition, an amusing tale told from the perspective of a soccer ball, was the only one read aloud by her teacher.

To this day, she still loves to write lighthearted comedies because laughter truly is the best medicine. When not writing, you can find her in the woods hiking, bird watching, or looking for her golf ball.




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