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Alumnus News: Luci Dreamer Announces Release of Book

Join the Writing Academy blog in congratulating student Luci Dreamer on the release of her latest book, The Burden of Happiness!

Sarah Leeds is haunted by horrible events in her past that have left her frozen in time when it comes to connecting with other people. She would rather go through life with minimal interaction than learn to open up and trust others; keeping her emotional scars front of mind so she won’t get hurt. When a visit back to her hometown doesn’t bring the answers or closure she’s yearned for, she wonders if she’ll ever be made whole again.

While in town Sarah meets Kate, a professor at the local community college. The instant connection she feels with Kate confuses and scares her, but it also gives her a glimpse of a life she wished she could have. Will Sarah finally find it within herself to conquer her fears and pursue the life she’s always wanted but thought she could never have?

The Burden of Happiness is available now for preorder on Amazon and will release on 26 January!

Luci seeks solace in deserts, loves to build stuff and sneaks off into her writing shed every chance she gets. She’s perpetually entertained by her son and two rescue mutts and is lovingly put up with by her wife.

Luci will join us next week for a guest blog.

Catch up and connect with Luci online:


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