Writing is a solitary activity, but even the most introverted of writers has to come out of their isolation occasionally for support, sustenance, and supper.

Community can mean different things for people. For a group of students from a previous Writing Academy class, it means weekly video writing dates. For others, it means a built-in critique group for those random short story contests or that one scene in the new novel that isn’t quite coming together.

A writing community can just consist of two people who get each other’s work and can give the kind of feedback that hones your work without taking away your own voice.

The perfect writing community can be elusive, and it comes from, simple as it sounds, meeting other writers. This can happen through workshops and conferences. It can come through joining groups on Facebook or following certain writing hashtags on Twitter such as



At the Writing Academy, we strive every year to find new ways to connect the participants. This year, we introduced break-out rooms in some classes so people could get to know each other in smaller groups. We created casual chat forums on the educational platform.

And the WA students ran with it.

They set up before and after class Zoom meets. They’ve created special forums where they can talk about their work and their lives. They’ve created, in essence, something many of us strive for—a connection.

The friendships WA participants make during their time in the Writing Academy can last a lifetime and most WA students remain with the Golden Crown Literary Society long after their class has graduated.

This year, GCLS will not be able to bring people together in person, but they will still be having an online conference. Stay tuned here for more information about how to be part of the summer festivities. In the meantime, consider a sneak preview with a night of fun as GCLS Conference veterans Lynn Ames, Georgia Beers, Karin Kallmaker & Mercedes Lewis (all Writing Academy guest speakers/mentors) take on the “Newbies” K. Aten, Lise Gold, Rae D. Magdon, and Maria Peña.

We’ll see you there!

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