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What Is it Like to a Goldie Finalist?

by Luci Dreamer

Last year, at the prodding of some very sweet fanfic readers, I revised my epic Klondike Gold Rush journey, Heart of Gold, into an original book. Feeling confident I had written something a wider audience would want to read, I submitted it to two different publishers, but both passed on it. 

I was devastated to say the least and didn’t know if I had the heart to submit again. But then I was invited to join a little writers’ group started by Lucy Bexley and they convinced me that I should self-publish it. And that’s what I did, a year ago this month. It turns out that I was right, there was a wider audience for it and it has garnered many positive reviews. 

On a whim, I threw my hat into the ring and nominated Heart of Gold for a Goldie Award in the Historical Fiction category. I didn’t really think it had a chance, but I felt it important to have self-published authors represented. 

Imagine my surprise when I received an email telling me Heart of Gold was a finalist in the Historical Fiction category! I’m still wrapping my head around it and feel humbled and honored. I also think that it is a reminder that when you believe your work to be good, keep pressing on to get it out there, even when others might not feel the same way. 

Luci seeks solace in deserts, loves to build stuff and sneaks off into her writing shed every chance she gets. She’s perpetually entertained by her son and two rescue mutts and is lovingly put up with by her wife.


twitter: @lucidreamer70

insta: @lucidreamerwriter

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