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Getting to Know: Cas Taylor

Cas Taylor (she/her, they/them) is an award-winning Pacific Northwest-based queer indigenous creator with ties to the Nisqually Valley and the Iñupiat people of Alaska’s north slope. They are also the Writing Academy’s creative content consultant.

They grew up in Olympia, WA, where long soggy weekends meant days spent inside watching old films on a small television that only received three channels. This meant they quickly acquired an appreciation and interest for movies, especially foreign films and obscure 70s films which were on near-constant rotation. As they came to understand their story through those they experienced on the page and onscreen, they developed a passion for LGBTQI+ stories. It became their goal to empower and amplify character-driven narratives and independent creators.

When they’re not creating, they chase mindfulness. They enjoy giving back to their community, performing in drag as Victor d’Marmalade (, running 5ks for charity, trawling vintage stores and estate sales for props, and (more frequently than they care to admit) fall asleep in savasana pose.

Their writing and art have appeared in Typehouse Literary Magazine, Kaaterskill Basin Literary Journal, Versification, Roulette, Anti Heroin Chic, Antioch’s Lunch Ticket, and Three Crows Magazine.

Their short film “Waypoints” has garnered Best LGBTQ Short, Best Thriller, and Best Female Filmmaker awards.

While their short experimental documentary “Hiraeth (The Longing)” was recently recognized with the Leviathan award at the LA Sci-Fi & Horror Film Festival for Best Art Film..

Catch up with Cas online at:

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