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Guest Post – Addison Clarke

Hello, friends! My name is Addison Clarke, and I am a 2020 graduate of the GCLS writing academy. When I started the writing academy, I had no idea what to expect. I had written a few novels, but they weren’t very well written. But I had a dream of holding my own novel in my hands one day. (I still love physical books. Anyone with me?)

I learned so much during my time in the writing academy that it would require a vast number of words to fully express. I had the privilege of being mentored by some of the most amazing authors and humans in the women-loving-women community. To this day, I still have my notes from every class in a binder, and I find myself using them often if I have a question arise about writing.

But for me, the most important thing to come out of the writing academy was Moonflower Cove, Maine.

Moonflower Cove is a fictional coastal town in Maine that is home to quirkily named businesses and a wonderful group of queer friends. They laugh together, love fiercely, and are always there for each other. The Cove, as the locals affectionally call it, and its people have become my safe place, and being able to share them with the world has been one of the greatest joys in my life.

In August of 2021, I released my first self-published book, STATE OF GRACE. It is a slow-burn romance about Blake, an actress searching for answers about her estranged mother, and Alexis, a single mom who is so not interested in being in a relationship. It’s a “one step forward, two steps back” relationship for Alexis and Blake as they navigate their past trauma to embrace their future.

To say I was nervous about releasing my first book out into the world would be a significant understatement. The night before it went live on Amazon, I barely slept. But with STATE OF GRACE being out in the world for over half a year, I can honestly say it was the best decision I ever made.

In December 2021, a stand-alone sequel named SOMEDAY, MAYBE was released. This time, I told the second chance romance of Maddie and Walker. Although tackling the topics of depression and anxiety was daunting, I knew it was a story I needed to tell. Maddie’s struggles are my struggles. The last few years haven’t been easy on anyone, and I was no exception. I’ve had to pull myself out of the darkest days, and being able to write Maddie doing the same was empowering.

Today, I’m gearing up to release my third self-published novel. CHAMPAGNE PROBLEMS is a stand-alone Moonflower Cove romance that features the characters from my previous two books. This novel is an age gap, student/professor romance that features sexy tension inside and out of the bedroom.

Cover of Champagne Problems

Emily Crawford is entering her last year of her master’s program and is ready to be done with school. Not that she has anything figured out once she graduates. The only thing she does know is that her sexy professor is taking up too much space in her brain.

Sophia Beauchamp has struck out twice in love and doesn’t believe the third time will be the charm. That is, until the beautiful Emily Crawford shows up to her master-level English class. Sparks fly as the undeniable chemistry abounds around them.

During winter break, the two realize they’ve fallen hard and fast for each other. But when a secret surfaces, how will they overcome it to find their happily ever after?

CHAMPAGNE PROBLEMS will be released on Amazon on Thursday, March 10.

Thank you, Addison! You can find out more about Addison on Twitter: @AddisonClarke_

And if you want to know more about the GCLS Writing Academy, please check us out here!

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