Inside the Writing Academy

I Want What I Want

This week, we were thrilled to welcome back one of our regular instructors, Sheree L. Greer to talk about the differences between what your characters want, need, and desire. This generative session got the students writing again. More, it allowed them to do deep dives into their characters and come out with even more intense information than they’d had before.

Your reader may not need to know everything there is to know about your character, but the more you know about them, the easier it will be to put them on the page. Have you ever written a story that you’ve been thinking about for days? You roll it around in your mind, you daydream about the character, and one day you sit down and it just falls out of your head through your fingers. That’s probably because the character had become real to you as you spent time with them in your head.

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What do your characters love? Who would they save in a fire? Are they happiest in jammies on the couch watching movies with their kid? Or are they a go-getter who sets an alarm even on weekends to attach their honey-do list. The more you know about your character, especially their emotional and mental traits, the better.

What quirks do you like to add to your characters? How do you make your characters come alive on the page? What does your character desire and what happens if that desire isn’t fulfilled?

Thank you, Sheree for this awesome class. If you want a chance to study with Sheree, you can find her in more places than just the Writing Academy. Check out her web page here.

The GCLS Writing Academy is a nine-month program for those interested in writing a novel. During your time with us, you will learn the critical components of quality writing. The Writing Academy will take you through all aspects of writing and publishing a novel. Whether you are a novice who has never published anything or someone with a full body of work waiting to be published, this program will help you hone your skills. 

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