Inside the Writing Academy


All of our students have now gone into the mentoring portion of the Writing Academy. This means we’ve had all our craft of writing classes, the students have turned over the first fifty pages and a synopsis to their mentors, and the WA admin is turning our attention to setting the schedule for next year.

Mentoring is such an integral part of this program. Experienced, well-established writers pair with the WA cohort to go over their work, answer questions about publishing, and guide them through the transition out of the program and into the writer’s world.

The Writing Academy gives students nine months in a guided writing program with weekly classes, after class gatherings, connecting on message boards, assignments, and feedback. We give them a community.

But mentoring gives them something more. One on one time with someone who has been in the trenches and succeeded.

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It’s not a surprise that many graduates of the academy point to the mentoring portion as one of their favorite parts of the program. And we love it, too. It’s fun for us to get to know our students and their work and to reach out to mentors we think will pair well with each one. We’re like literary matchmakers and most times, it works out really well.

If you’re considering joining the Writing Academy, feel free to check us out at

While you’re there, consider joining “The Hub” – an online social media platform existing solely for the purpose of connecting readers, writers, publishers, and fans of women-loving-women and trans/non-binary fiction.

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