Inside the Writing Academy

Literary Conferences

We’re so excited to talk about the GCLS literary conference in Albuquerque, New Mexico this year. The Golden Crown Literary Society will host folks from all over the world as they gather to talk about women-loving-women, non-binary, trans, queer literature.

Image description: Hot air balloons with “join us in Albuquerque GCLS annual conference July 6-July 10, 2022. Let your imagination take flight.

There will be master classes, panels, presentations, social hours, author readings, and so much more. There will be quiet corners where introverts can hide when they need to recharge. There will be large gatherings where people can hang out when they want company.

GCLS is a welcoming space for newbies, as well. Many people who have never been to a conference before find friends and community at the GCLS conference.

If you’ve been thinking about going to a writing conference, this would be a great choice. You can find more information about the conference and other GCLS-related stuff right here.

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