Events, Graduation

The GCLS Conference

We’re so excited to go to the conference next week! So many current and incoming Writing Academy students are going to be at the con this year. We’re going to get everyone together for a pop-up lunch celebration so outgoing students can meet incoming students.

We’re also having a graduation during award night! Guess we’ll have to be on our best behavior on such an auspicious occasion.

Director of Education, Tammy Bird, WA manager, Finnian Burnett, and WA consultant, Kimberly Cooper Griffin have been in regular meetings planning for the upcoming writing academy classes. However, we are now on break for conference! We’ll be hanging out in New Mexico, talking to our favorite authors, and soaking up the sun.

Next year, the conference will be in Denver so if you can’t make it to Albuquerque, why not plan for Denver?

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