2022 Graduating Class

We’re finally recovering from an awesome conference in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Nine of this year’s fifteen students were there and it was wonderful to see them spending so much time together. They did readings in the atrium, networked, had some fun. It was such a lovely culmination to the nine-months they spent together.

We also got to meet some of our incoming Writing Academy students including one person who was on the fence about joining and decided to take part after sitting with a table full of grads at lunch one day. Word of mouth is, and has always been, our most powerful marketing tool.

We’re happy to say we are full for the class of 2023, but we are already receiving applications for the class of 2024. We won’t be looking at the new applications until probably around November, and then on a rolling basis until the next semester starts in September of 2023, so if you’re considering applying for the academy, feel free to take your time and polish your writing sample!

Next year, the conference is going to be in Denver and we’ll let you know here as soon as the board starts posting information so you all can plan to join us!

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