Writing How?

What the last 18 months has taught me about my craft by Ona Marae I graduated from the Golden Crown Literary Society’s Writing Academy in 2016, at the Washington, DC convention. It was a time of questions. The massacre at the Pulse nightclub in Orlando had been a month before. Extra consideration went into security… Continue reading Writing How?

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How it All Started

Post originally appeared on http://www.klgallagher.com, August 2021 Opportunity has a way of poking its head out when you least expect it. For me, it happened in July 2020. I was doom scrolling on Facebook when I came across an auction to help a Lesfic author in need of a medical procedure. Numerous wonderfully supportive Lesfic… Continue reading How it All Started

Inside the Writing Academy

The One-on-One Difference You’ll Get at the Writing Academy

As a student at the Golden Crown Literary Society's Writing Academy, you'll have access to an amazing education. You'll also have the opportunity to gain one-on-one mentorship through the Academy's unique mentorship program, which pairs you with an experienced author who will read your work, provide thoughtful feedback, and answer your questions as you continue… Continue reading The One-on-One Difference You’ll Get at the Writing Academy

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Stranger Than Fiction

The old saying, “Life is Stranger than Fiction”, epitomizes my journey this past year. Some days I’m still not sure any of this is real, or if I’m going to sadly wake up from this incredible dream. One year ago today, I discovered GCLS and soon after was accepted into the GCLS Writing Academy 2021.… Continue reading Stranger Than Fiction

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Guest Blog: Ann Roberts

Several years ago during my tenure as an educational consultant, I was sitting in a classroom watching an excellent teacher engage every student in her room. They volunteered answers, respectfully commented on each other’s opinions and seemed genuinely thrilled about learning. No one acted out and no one refused to do what the teacher asked.… Continue reading Guest Blog: Ann Roberts

Inside the Writing Academy

Getting to Know: Cas Taylor

Cas Taylor (she/her, they/them) is an award-winning Pacific Northwest-based queer indigenous creator with ties to the Nisqually Valley and the Iñupiat people of Alaska's north slope. They are also the Writing Academy's creative content consultant. They grew up in Olympia, WA, where long soggy weekends meant days spent inside watching old films on a small… Continue reading Getting to Know: Cas Taylor

Inside the Writing Academy

Getting to Know: Joy Van Stralen

Joy Van Stralen lives in the interior of British Columbia with her wife and their cat, Lordo Gordo. An avid mucker-abouter, Joy dabbles in a lot of things that pique her interest. When she comes across something excellent, she sticks to it, which is how she became the Writing Academy video manager years ago. Joy graduated from… Continue reading Getting to Know: Joy Van Stralen

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Getting to Know: Finnian Burnett

Finnian Burnett is a professor, a writer, and a lifelong learner. They’re a doctoral student at Murray State University and an MFA instructor with Southern New Hampshire University. Finn has run the Golden Crown Literary Society’s Writing Academy since 2015 and served as the Director of Education for several years. Under their former name, Beth… Continue reading Getting to Know: Finnian Burnett

Inside the Writing Academy

Getting to Know: Karelia Stetz-Waters

Karelia has taught writing for fifteen years, including ten years as tenured faculty at Linn-Benton Community College in Oregon. She loves watching her students find their voices. She believes in the power of writing to transform lives. She writes every day and encourages her students to do the same. Her mantra as a teacher and a… Continue reading Getting to Know: Karelia Stetz-Waters

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Getting to Know: Anna Burke

Anna Burke is the Writing Academy Director of Education. She is also the award-winning author of Compass Rose, Thorn, Nottingham, Night Tide, and Spindrift. Her latest novel, Sea Wolf, will be released by Bywater Books in July 2021. She teaches creative writing at Emerson College, where she received her MFA. When she is not reading,… Continue reading Getting to Know: Anna Burke