Coming Soon – Jenn Alexander

The GCLS Writing Academy is excited to note that author Jenn Alexander will be joining us next week for our latest author spotlight!  Jenn's new release, The Song of the Sea, available here, is already garnering rave reviews. “The Song Of The Sea tackles grief head-on, giving us an intimate portrait of a mother’s love for… Continue reading Coming Soon – Jenn Alexander

Author Spotlight on Maria Rahming

We were already totally in love with Maria Rahming. First, she wowed us during her reading at the GCLS conference in Las Vegas. Second, she has literally the cutest love story with her fiancee Laura. Third, hello? She's gorgeous. But when Beth sat down to interview Maria for the Writing Academy blog, we found out… Continue reading Author Spotlight on Maria Rahming

Author Spotlight – Chris Convissor

Sorry we're a day late on the blog. We were so super excited to sit down with Chris Convissor that we lost our heads and forgot to bring the coffee. We're here this morning to talk to Chris about her award-winning book, her time at the GCLS Writing Academy. We remembered to bring the coffee… Continue reading Author Spotlight – Chris Convissor

Author Spotlight on Roslyn Bane

I'm so happy that I had a chance to sit down with Writing Academy alum Roslyn Bane. Her WA book, an incredibly exciting novel called The Long Way Home was published in 2017. We met up to talk about her time in the academy and her latest release, Time for Terri. First, what inspired you… Continue reading Author Spotlight on Roslyn Bane

Our Favorite Authors

The GCLS Writing Academy is a year-long intensive writing program that takes students on a journey to publish a novel. We start with craft classes on creating compelling first chapters and using plot and structure to develop a plan for the novel. We offer classes on dialogue, point of view, character development, writing diversity, and… Continue reading Our Favorite Authors

Author Spotlight on Laney Webber

The team at the GCLS Writing Academy was super lucky to sit down today with Laney Webber. Not only is Laney a Writing Academy graduate and a debut author with Bold Strokes Books, but she is also a librarian. And, as we all know, writers love librarians. Laney’s first book, A Chapter on Love was… Continue reading Author Spotlight on Laney Webber