Inside the Writing Academy

Inside the Writing Academy: with Penny Mickelbury

Penny Mickelbury joins the Writing Academy to share her knowledge, wit, and tips for incorporating a touch of mystery and suspense into your work. Even if you're not a mystery writer, Mickelbury's advice may surprise you. We writers tell stories, and stories are about the lives characters live, and the arc of living a life… Continue reading Inside the Writing Academy: with Penny Mickelbury


The Art of Showing

This week, the Writing Academy welcomed author, and return instructor, Karelia Stetz-Waters for a class on the art of showing, not telling. When you lay a big information dump on your reader, chances are you're telling. When you put an emphasis on showing action in order to convey the emotions you want your reader to… Continue reading The Art of Showing


Writing Realistic Dialogue

What the heck is realistic dialogue, and why should you care? This week, Finn Burnett dropped in to answer both questions (and a whole lot more). The purpose of dialogue is to convey information, show relationships, reveal character, and advance your story. Sound easy? Think again. Take, for instance the following dialogue: “I can’t do… Continue reading Writing Realistic Dialogue